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Munich, 16.12. 2008 09:39

More than 200 sales-force employees are to transfer to the Japanese pharmaceutical company on January 1.

DAIICHI SANKYO to acquire sales force from Merck Serono in France

DAIICHI SANKYO will acquire the entire primary care sales force for cardiometabolic products at Merck Lipha Santé as of the beginning of 2009. More than 200 employees will be involved in the agreement between the French subsidiary of Japan’s third-largest pharmaceutical company and the French subsidiary of Merck Serono. In recent years, both companies have marketed the blockbuster products OLMETEC® and Co-OLMETEC® from DAIICHI SANKYO to treat hypertension as part of a co-promotion agreement.

This co-promotion agreement is now being terminated, and the commercialization of the Olmesartan product family in France will be managed exclusively by DAIICHI SANKYO. At the same time, DAIICHI SANKYO and Merck Serono have entered into a new co-promotion agreement. Under it, the Japanese pharmaceutical company will market products previously solely promoted by Merck Lipha Santé to primary-care physicians and hospitals in France. This product line includes the anti-hypertensive agent Cardensiel® (Bisoprolol) and the diabetes medication Stagid® (Metformin).

This is the fourth such agreement reached between DAIICHI SANKYO and Merck Serono this year. In August, the Japanese pharmaceutical group acquired the German sales force for primary-care physicians from Merck Pharma GmbH. Just a few weeks ago, DAIICHI SANKYO also acquired the Turkish sales force for cardiometabolic products as well as the product family Concor for treatment of cardiovascular diseases and Glucophage for treatment of diabetes from Merck, followed by a similar transaction for Ireland.

Counteracting the strong global trend to eliminate sales positions, DAIICHI SANKYO is significantly increasing its workforce in Europe once again. “With OLMETEC® and EVISTA®, we are marketing strong-selling, patented medications to fight hypertension and osteoporosis in France. Once we receive government approval, we intend to offer other products to treat cardiovascular disease and thromboses in France this year and next year.

To conduct these sales, we need a large number of new, highly qualified employees for our sales force if we are to compete on a level playing field,” said Reinhard Bauer, CEO of DAIICHI SANKYO EUROPE. “The acquisition of a well-organized, successful sales force with extensive experience in the cardiovascular diseases and metabolic products is an excellent way to meet the large need for additional employees,” Bauer said.

In taking these steps, the group is moving quickly to achieve its strategic objectives in Germany and Europe. By 2015, it also intends to be one of Europe’s leading pharmaceutical companies. This strategy is designed to reverse the company’s current relationship of turnover: Today, about 60 percent of consolidated turnover is generated in Japan. By 2015, about 60 percent of consolidated turnover is to be achieved outside Japan as a result of corresponding growth in sales.

Forward-looking statements
This press release contains forward-looking statements and information about future developments in the sector, and the legal and business conditions of DAIICHI SANKYO EUROPE GmbH. Such forward-looking statements are uncertain and are subject at all times to the risks of change, particularly to the usual risks faced by a global pharmaceutical company, including the impact of the prices for products and raw materials, medication safety, changes in exchange rates, government regulations, employee relations, taxes, political instability and terrorism as well as the results of independent demands and governmental inquiries that affect the affairs of the company. All forward-looking statements contained in this release hold true as of the date of publication. They do not represent any guarantee of future performance. Actual events and developments could differ materially from the forward-looking statements that are explicitly expressed or implied in these statements. DAIICHI SANKYO EUROPE GmbH assumes no responsibility for the updating of such forward-looking statements about future developments of the sector, legal and business conditions and the company.

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