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Peking/Munich (n-t), 11.05.2004 08:40

China:17.8% Increase in Exports of Germany to China in February

According to statistics released by Federal Statistical Office of Germany, in February, exports of Germany to China increased by about 20% compared with the same period of last year, but Germany's trade deficit to China was still existed.

The Statistical Office indicated that Germany's exports to China in February were up by 17.8% to EUR1.5 billion, and the growth in imports was little, up by 21.3% to EUR2.2 billion.

As the biggest trading partner of China in Europe, Germany was eager to develop the relationship with China, which was viewed as the most active economic community worldwide, so as to compensate the lack of domestic demand.

In 2003, exports of Germany to China were up by 24.9% to EUR18.2 billion, of which exports of machinery and equipment increased by 30%. And imports of Germany from China were up by 17.3% to EUR25 billion, imports of electronic products like TV was on an obvious rise.


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