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Hamburg (n-t), 03.03.2004 16:11

Capture fleeting thoughts at the push of a button
Five new Digital Voice Recorders from Olympus

With its user-friendly, functional design and stylish good looks, a voice recorder from the Olympus VN Series is your perfect companion while on the move. The VN-120, VN-240,
VN-480, VN-240 PC and VN-480 PC voice recorders share the characteristic appealing design of their predecessors, including the handy round jog dial for effortless, one hand operation. But the new models have also been optimised for even better sound quality, especially in Long Play mode. The VN-240 PC and VN-480 PC additionally feature PC connectivity so that voice files can be downloaded to a computer. In all of the models, a new large LCD display has been integrated, enabling quick and simple navigation through the recordings and functions. Their small, lightweight form means that the voice recorders can be taken anywhere in a bag or jacket pocket, and they fit perfectly in the hand for easy control. These high-performance, low-cost VN series models let you record notes, ideas and conversations with ease – becoming your electronic memory while on the go.

All five models save the recordings as digital voice files, and their folder organisation system makes file retrieval easy. A total of four different folders are available in the VN-240, VN-480, VN-240 PC and VN-480 PC models (three folders are available in the VN-120), and each holds up to 100 files. Voice files may be accessed directly and, when no longer required, erased (together or individually) for more memory space. With the alarm function, reminder messages in your own voice will alert you to appointments or tasks. The VN-480 and VN-480PC models also feature a timer recording function so that you can set a time for the device to automatically start and stop operation.

Both the VN-240PC and VN-480PC make use of a USB interface, so files can be downloaded quickly and easily to the computer for archiving. Direct dictation to the PC is also possible.

The digital voice recorders save the notes and dictations to their internal flash memory (16, 32 and 64MB, depending on the model). With maximum talk times ranging between approximately 120 minutes and 480 minutes, these new digital voice recorders are also the ideal means of recording longer discussions. Each of the models offers three recording modes to achieve the perfect balance between quality and capacity. While HQ (High Quality) mode provides the best possible sound, SP (Standard Play) delivers a longer recording time with a minimal reduction in sound quality. For the greatest recording capacity, select LP (Long Play) mode. An idea of voice recording capability using the different modes can be given by looking at the VN-480 PC. This model is able to save approximately 3 hours in HQ mode, 4.5 hours in SP mode and 8.25 hours in LP mode.

For those who appreciate great design, the VN Series digital voice recorders, with their attractive metallic-colour finish, are the perfect lifestyle accessory. They’ll also make sure you won’t miss a minute in any lecture or training session and can record ideas whenever inspiration strikes. The affordably priced models are due for release in March 2004 (VN-120,
VN-240, VN-480) and April 2004 (VN-240 PC, VN-480 PC).


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Olympus Europa GmbH
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