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Munich (n-t), 09.02.2004 10:40

WACKER: New Distribution Partner for Silicones and Fumed Silica Products

As announced by the Munich-based WACKER Group today, Dr. Rudolf Streuli AG Zürich will be the new distributor of WACKER silicones and fumed silicas in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. WACKER's new chemicals distributor replaces Basel-based Schweizerhall Chemie AG, the region's previous distribution partner.

The distributor change is due to consolidation of WACKER's distribution structures. In early December, the WACKER Group reorganized the distribution of redispersible powders, polyvinyl butyrals, solid resins and surface coating resins. The choice of Dr. Rudolf Streuli AG as silicones and fumed-silica distribution partner is a continuation of WACKER's successful collaboration with the Dutch IMCD Group, to which the new distributor belongs.
Zurich-based Dr. Rudolf Streuli AG specializes in the distribution of chemical raw materials and additives.

Silicones and Fumed Silicas
WACKER ranks among the world's largest silane and silicone producers. Silicones offer highly diverse product properties for virtually unlimited applications. Through their great versatility, silicone products are ideal for intelligent customized solutions. They offer thermal stability, weatherability, hydrophobic and hydrophilic surface properties, and excellent release, lubricating and dielectric characteristics. Silicones are used in practically every industry, ranging from the automotive, construction and chemical sectors, through electrical engineering, electronics, cosmetics, consumer care, pulp and paper, and textiles, to mechanical engineering and metal processing.

WACKER has been producing fumed silica (HDK®) since 1968 and has developed a high level of expertise in this field. Chemically, fumed silica consists of ultrapure amorphous silicon dioxide. HDK® fumed silica is used as an active filler in silicone elastomers, as a thixotropic agent in coatings, printing inks, adhesives, UP resins and plastisols or as a flow aid, for example in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food-processing industries.


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Wacker-Chemie GmbH
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Tel.: +49 89 6279-1601
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