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Darmstadt, 18.09. 2007 10:09

DöhlerGroup at ANUGA 2007

The DöhlerGroup is a leading, international producer of fruit juice concentrates, fruit preparations, blends, compounds, ingredient systems, emulsions, flavours and colours for the beverage and dairy industry. At ANUGA 2007 from 13-17 October Döhler will present a wide range of innovative beverage concepts.

The DöhlerGroup will furthermore be showcasing its comprehensive know-how in fast growing areas like functional beverages, bio fermentation as well as new generation sweeteners. Moreover Döhler will be focusing in depth on its high-class abilities in flavours, citrus building blocks, flavour beverage emulsions and cloudifiers.

Flavourful perfect taste

With 16 production and application sites worldwide, the DöhlerGroup has more than 3,500 active recipes and over 2,500 raw materials at its disposal for flavour development. A key advantage is its `Centre of Expertise for Citrus` in Limeira/Brazil which guarantees the availability of finest quality selected citrus fractions. Understanding local, national and international trends enables Döhler to feel the pulse of flavour trends worldwide and to anticipate and respond rapidly to new opportunities.

Sophisticated tea flavours, a wide range of exotic flavours, advanced smooth brown flavours and many natural and nature identical flavours are available for discussion in Cologne.

Twist up your beverages

The key to the best quality citrus flavours (Twister) lies in a close understanding of the fruit at the heart of its cultivation. Döhler’s ‘fresh from the fruit farm’ philosophy and the know-how in processing them guarantees citrus fractions that deliver super consistent product quality and outstanding taste performance. They provide the technical foundation that supports the vast majority of the world’s soft drinks. With state-of-the-art technologies excellent FTNF- (from the named fruit) and FTNJ- (from the named juice) flavours and natural flavour-compositions with outstanding taste profiles can be created.

The world of innovative emulsions

Stable emulsions are the cornerstone of successful beverages. Emulsions provide the product character influencing everything from taste, cloudiness, colour and to some extent even mouth feel. Typically representing just a fraction of one to two percent of a product’s volume emulsions are the essential essence that determine the profile of the finished beverage. Döhler is one of the world´s leading companies in the area of research and development of both flavour and cloud emulsions. The range of products goes from low to rich opacity for soft drinks and flavoured alcoholic beverages.

Döhler will present application methods which show how functional ingredients can be perfectly integrated in “Ingredient Delivery Systems” with excellent sensory and stability qualities based on modern emulsion technology.

Intelligent sweetener systems for balanced nutrition

With the obesity and overweight epidemic a worldwide phenomenon Döhler will be promoting its innovative sweeteners “Multisweet plus®” and “Multisweet fruit®” at ANUGA. Multisweet plus® is low in calories and offers a balanced palate and a full and sugar-like taste without the commonly occurring hint of bitterness and metallic aftertaste of most sweeteners due to Döhler’s especially developed flavour component.

Multisweet fruit® stands for healthy naturalness within our sweetener range and is entirely made from fruit concentrates. This sweetener brings a premium quality and naturalness to a wide range of children’s, wellness and adult products.

In Cologne Döhler will present innovative beverage concepts in the product areas of Aqua Plus or near water, tea beverages and still drinks with Multisweet fruit®.

Fit for Functional Purpose

Döhler’s great advances in innovative functional beverages un-der its F.I.T. Life Plus® (Functional Ingredients Technology) fa-cility will be a key part of their presentation at ANUGA offering “functional added value” as well as indulgence concepts. A suite of product solutions that address the key areas of cardiovascu-lar health, anti-ageing, digestion and gut health, the immune system and the vitality or performance category will be show-cased.

BioFerm Plus® - Fermentation technology for cutting-edge innovations

Due to the huge trend towards naturalness the market for fer-mented drinks has grown consistently over the last years espe-cially as these drinks have a very positive and healthy image. The DöhlerGroup will therefore present at ANUGA a wide range of innovative fermentations based on natural raw materials un-der the brand BioFerm Plus®. Many of these new products have been developed in close cooperation with ALKO International. The DöhlerGroup combines traditional and modern bio technol-ogy with BioFerm Plus® to create innovative, natural beverages.

Market & Consumer Insights

Due to analytical measurement of consumer preferences and global trend monitoring, trends can be recognised in advance and the expectations of customers can be satisfied. In the food industry, taste is without doubt the most important factor. Only when a product comes up to consumers high taste expectations will a repeat purchase take place. For these reasons Döhler makes full use of the very latest methods of Sensory & Con-sumer science; this know-how in combination with intensive R&D is the key for successful new products.

Strength in depth and breadth

Döhler’s subsidiary companies DINTER and JAHNCKE, with their expertise in fruit juice concentrates from kernel fruits, berries and exotic fruits, fruit purees, fruit sweeteners as well as FTNF and FTNJ flavours will also be represented on the Döhler stand at ANUGA. The product portfolio of DINTER and JAHNCKE includes clarified, decoloured and alcohol-stable concentrates.

ALKO International will present its current developments in the areas of fermented and non-alcoholic bases and milk, yoghurt and cream bases. The ALKO product portfolio will be rounded off by alcoholic cream bases and ingredients for spirits and liquors.

These important resources perfectly complete the product port-folio of the DöhlerGroup.

Within the Döhler core areas being showcased at ANUGA lie a host of advanced and exciting beverage products and concepts from aqua plus or near water, tea and malt beverages, modern fruit splash concepts, drinking yoghurts and from smoothies to beer mix beverages.

Leading in Integrated Beverage & Dairy Solutions

With its competence in fruit and technology, Döhler sees itself as a leading know-how partner for the beverage and dairy in-dustry. The company’s fully `Integrated Beverage and Dairy Solutions` philosophy encompasses trend monitoring, raw ma-terials management, advice on microbiology, food law, sensory science and filling and packaging technology. Its broad array of services further embraces the planning and construction of mix-ing plants and syrup rooms through its cooperation with RULAND Engineering & Consulting.

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